Scheduling & Automation for Pinterest

Optimize your Pinterest efforts in just a few clicks

Create Beautiful Boards Directly from


Pinterest Connect

Connect and manage as many Pinterest accounts as you want,
create boards on the fly and add pins directly from
ViralDashboard. Do everything.. schedule, view, edit, and delete
pins from one single dashboard

Pinterest Scheduler

Easily schedule and publish pins on your Pinterest boards with
ViralDashboard. Plan long-term content for your social media,
enhance exposure, keep organized and save time. You can also
schedule an entire week of pins, stack them so that the most
popular go out at the most opportune time, add pins to your
queue and make them go out at random times during the week

Create Pins & Boards Easily

Create beautiful pins with your own images for your boards,
schedule videos and GIF pins to massively engage with your
audience. Store all your assets in one place for faster pin
creation and preview how your pins will appear on your boards
before sharing

Optimal Schedule

Pin at the best times, so your audience can discover thecontent
when they’re looking for it. You can create personalized schedules
for your specific audiences and publish pins when people are most

Relevant Boards

Easily send new Pins to your most relevant boards in 1 click and
spread them out for maximum engagement with preset intervals.

Pinterest Analytics & Tracking Built-

Analyze the performance of your pins, instantly spot the high performing ones and see which ones are driving the most traffic so you can see which content works best and replicate what’s working. You’ll also be able to
drive more conversions and measure your engagement at scale

Boost Your Brand

Optimize your content by customizing your existing photos and
videos for Pinterest. You can also create custom descriptions for
your Pitnerest boards


Start Managing Pinterest with

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