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Make Posts with a Single Click

Sharing and Scheduling content with the SocialPilot browser extension is a pretty easy job. In fact, you can do this with just a few short clicks! Once you install the browser extension to your Chrome or Firefox, a SocialPilot icon will appear on the toolbar itself, prompting you to log in if you click it. With the help of that button, you can share articles and schedule posts with ease. Just click on the icon, simply add the content to the queue, select your preferred time and date, and click on ‘add to queue’. Yes, it’s that convenient.

In addition to this, you can also share and schedule images without downloading them. An added bonus is that these can be posted at a later time while you continue to surf the net. Just drag your cursor over the image and a share image button, with the SocialPilot logo, will appear. Click that button, once again schedule the time and date and voila, your image is queued for posting!

Select and Schedule Posts as You Surf

The best thing about the SocialPilot browser extension is that you can post and schedule content while you surf the Internet. If you come across any relevant or great articles or images, you can easily share them with your social media fans within a few short clicks. The extension saves the URL of the content for posting purposes and SocialPilot accomplishes the rest.

In this fashion, you get to share what you see, queue it up, and continue your internet session—hence, without any interruption, you can share and schedule some really great posts.

Effortlessly Schedule Posts From Facebook

With SocialPilot, you are able to share and schedule any Facebook content: videos, updates, pages, wall posts, pictures, events and timeline content. You can share just about everything with all of your registered social networks with the help of this extension.
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Schedule Posts From Twitter With Ease

You can readily schedule any of your tweets from your timeline to SocialPilot. Go on to share post-videos, images or the whole blog link without leaving your timeline.

Available on all Leading Web Browsers

The web extension for SocialPilot can be installed and used on browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Get an extension directly by installing the official SocialPilot Extension from your respective browser store.

Whether you discover something interesting while on your laptop or if you find something exciting while surfing on your mobile, SocialPilot mobile apps and browser extensions help you to schedule it before you forget the links forever. Don’t suffer from forgetful regrets. Download your proper browser extension today!


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