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Easily download pdf analytics reports and generate crucial insights from the metrics that matter the most to you.

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    Audience Insights

    Understand your audience better & analyze growth patterns to create engagement strategy with integrated social media insight tool.

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    Identify Your Biggest Fans

    Discover who interacts with your posts the most with useful insights like most active sharer, commenter, liker and more.

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    Best Time to Post

    Discover the best time to post on by analyzing active fans during the week.

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    Comprehensive Analytics

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    Content Performance

    Understand your top content that engages your audience the most.

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    Share PDF Analytics Reports

    Schedule your detailed pdf reports to share automatically via email with clients & colleagues or download them from the Analytics tab.

Facebook Analytics Tool

Measure your Facebook page’s performance by understanding growth of your fans/audience. Also understand what content works the most with your fans from Facebook Audience Insights.

Instagram Analytics Tool

Get detailed insights into your audience’s behavior and demographics on Instagram. Make data-driven decisions based on engagement and post-performance metrics for higher reach and impact on your audience.

Twitter Analytics Tool

Analyze how your Twitter profile is faring by understanding retweets, replies and favorites for each of your tweet from Tweet activity dashboard. Also get to know your top influencers and top tweets that mention your brand.
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LinkedIn Analytics Tool

Monitor your company’s performance and growth with a comprehensive social media analytics tool for LinkedIn. Measure your follower trends and how well your posts are performing. Get a complete overview of your LinkedIn business page and take necessary steps to improve your branding.

Google My Business Analytics Tool

Analyze your Google My Business listing and its performance through key metrics. Gain crucial insights about customer behavior and take actions to increase your business growth and popularity. Also get detailed data about post performance and use it to entice your audience with content that works. Download detailed analytics reports to use in presentations or client reports.


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