Social Media

Have your business profiles updated with
fup-to-date and relevant content

Enhance your clients’ experience and expand revenue opportunities through ViralDashboard’s
White Label social media management solution.

No credit card required

Customized To The Smallest

With ViralDashboard’s White Label feature, you have
complete control over the web address that your
clients will see. Choose a new URL or use your existing
brand name. The choice is yours.

Put Your Brand At The Center

From the colors to the icons, ViralDashboard allows
you to customize the entire tool to match your brand’s
image and outlook. Create a seamless branded
experience with our White Label social media
management tool.

Your Own Email Setup

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating an
impressive branded experience with ViralDashboard.
Our White Label social media tool allows you to set a
personalized email address with a name of your
choosing. The email setup also integrates flawlessly
with your existing email workflows to provide a
smooth transition.

Improved & Streamlined

Give your clients the freedom to log in securely
without sharing credentials. Our simple login interface
removes the need for sharing sensitive login
information. Your clients will be visibly impressed with
the streamlined experience.

Personalized Analytics On Tap

Give your clients proof of your social media growth
with attractive and presentation-ready analytics
reports that tell the whole story. Complete with your
own branding, our White Label solution ensures that
your social media marketing efforts get their due credit.

Seamless Integration

ViralDashboard’s White Label setup seamlessly
integrates with your existing workflows for an intuitive
and efficient user experience. Moreover, our API
integration allows you to create much more streamlined
and dynamic workflows.

Reseller Benefits

Enter new markets and create new revenue streams
for your brand with the superior reseller benefits of
our White Label setup. Brand and market the tool to
your clients as your own social media marketing
solution. Create a new income stream that keeps the
money pouring in.

Unmatched Training &

Engage in a partnership with ViralDashboard through our White Label solution and embark on a journey of growth. Scale new heights of success with dedicated training and support when you opt for ViralDashboard’s White Label social media management solution.

Get access to a dedicated account executive, training materials, and 24×5 human support to help you and your clients use the ViralDashboard tool efficiently.


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