Boost Your Brand On Twitter

Seamlessly execute your Twitter marketing

Twitter Management for Your Business


Connect Your Twitter Accounts

The Twitter Connector will let you add and manage multiple Twitter accounts at the same time and seamlessly execute your Twitter marketing from one single dashboard.

Twitter Scheduler

The Twitter Scheduler will take your tweets scheduling to the next level! Schedule, queue and publish your tweets rightaway! Get your tweets published across all your accounts and you can also set the exact date and time of the tweet’s release.

Create & Customize Your Twitter Posts

Use the Composer tool to create custom tweets for multiple Twitter accounts. You’ll be able to easily add text, emojis, upload videos, images, and GIFs along with your tweets. You can also preview how your Tweet will look in your feed.

Mass Scheduling Every Day

Automate your Twitter content strategy by mass scheduling hundreds of tweets at once. You can bulk scheduling tweets in one sitting, schedule them to be published during the day or you can also publish 500+ tweets in one go. Save a lot of time and increase work speed

Track Metrics That Matter

Detailed Twitter insights & analytics will allow you to track a lot of metrics like follower growth, engagement, impressions, your tweets performance, keyword, hashtag usage & more with custom insightful reports. You will see exactly what’s working and what’s not, the best time to post your tweets and you’ll also be able to uncover new trends.

Twitter Mentions

Easily track & monitor every single mention for your Twitter account and get instant notifications if you get mentioned on Twitter tweets from right inside your Social Inbox. You’ll never miss a single mention and you’ll be able to engage with replies rightaway.

Drive More Traffic

Did you know that Google indexes your Tweets? If you post more tweets, you have high chances of getting traffic from Google. Just put some links in your posts so your tweets will appear in the search results

Become More Recognizable

By posting more Tweets and being present in people’s feeds, your brand will become more recognizable. You will also build a bigger reputation because the more you tweet, the more people will see you and start trusting you more.

Easily Manage Twitter with ViralDashboard

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